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Fire Suppression Against Wildfires

Although wildfires occur from various causes, they affect many aspects of the environment. Yearly wildfires harm many properties, increase health risks, and damage agriculture and ecosystems. Any one of these, not only affects the United States from an economic standpoint but also the earth’s atmosphere. More specifically global warming and climate change. In the United States alone, wildfires are steadily increasing every year. With the help from conditions such as dry seasons, temperature shifts, and droughts all exacerbate the number of yearly wildfires and acres burned. In 2017, the federal government spent nearly three billion dollars on fire suppression. State forestry agencies paid an additional $1.4 billion to fight wildfires on and off state and private lands. (National Association of State Foresters) Therefore, the wildfire equipment industry is only going to continue growing as climate conditions get worse. It is important that more awareness and resources become available to help fight these wildfires and to make an impact on the following yearly wildfire statistics.


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